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Anchorage's Outdoors Store

Alaska Mountaineering & Hiking is a small family oriented mom & pop shop featuring high-end specialty gear with over thirty years of business. Located in Anchorage Alaska, "the shop" is a small rustic wood building with a large open atmosphere. We pride ourselves on personal service over quantity of sales. Our employees are well versed in their individual discipline and have hands-on knowledge of the gear we provide.
We find it fun to be engaged in conversation about the things we enjoy. It is common practice for our employees to offer advice from the experience they have accumulated over the years. Most of our customers have become life-long friends of the shop, and we are constantly making new friends. We aren't perfect, but we can honestly say we strive to give you the best personal service and an honest deal.
If you have never had the opportunity to walk between the walls of AMH, these panoramic photos taken November 2003 will give you an idea of what our quaint family shop looks like, and hopefully wet your appetite for a visit.
Paul Denkewalter: Owner. "The Boss" is a well respected small business owner in the local community. Paul has vast experience in the Alaska Range and is considered one of the old sourdoughs of The Range. The boss is also one of the most knowledgeable cross country skiers in the state, if not the entire US. And it must be mentioned, the best boss in the entire industry.
Marcy Baker: Director of Operations. Kayaker, sailor and tele carver, Marcy is the "mom" for the AMH family and is our head buyer.
Nick Parker: Operations Manager. A well crusted McKinley and Alaska Range guide with over 25 years of experience and possesses incredible knowledge. Nick is also a rescue skills instructor for the Alaska National Guard Pararuescue and local outdoor programs, and argumentative the best ski mechanic in the state. It has got to mentioned, our shop fix-it handy man.
Ben Arians: Personnel Manager. A local cross country ski team coach and can always be seen out training with his ski posse, summer and winter.
Jason Buttrick:  Climbing Buyer. An Alaskan import, Jason has experience guiding and climbing big mountains in the Alaska Range. He is often seen on his days off rock climbing or backcountry skiing.
Laura Gardner:  Warranty and Inventory. "The Count" is a local nordic skier who is just as likely to be found on the trails as at the rock gym. She passes her days wandering the basement counting and recounting things while mourning the latest Man-Utd defeat.
AMH also employs several seasonal part-time employees that have deep knowledge in their respective outdoor pursuit.
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