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Rent Performance Equipment from AMH

In addition to selling top quality equipment, AMH also has a selection of rental equipment for those that want to try before they buy or just need something for a one-time use. We do not rent soft-type goods like sleeping bags, tents or clothing. In order to reserve an item, we require prepayment of the rental fee.

Crampons: The crampons we rent are primarily for use with mountaineering boots. We do have some models that are acceptable for use with hiking boots (Black Diamond Contact Strap Crampon), but we do not rent Kahtoola or lighter walking aids like MicroSpikes.

  • Day: $10.00
  • Weekend: $17.00
  • Week: $32.00
  • Month: $60.00

Ice Tools: Ice tools are for technical vertical ice and mixed climbing, we have models from Black Diamond, Petzl and Grivel. Rates are for one tool, not for a pair. Due to problems with our ice tool rental fleet we have had to institute a deposit program. A deposit of $260 per tool will be required. We will credit back the deposit minus the rental fee upon return of the tools.

  • Day: $15.00
  • Weekend: $25.00
  • Week: $50.00
  • Month: $95.00

Mountaineering Axe: Mountaineering axes are for general mountaineering on less steep, non-vertical terrain, and are primarily used for self-arrest, glacier travel, not for ice-climbing. If renting for a month, consider buying instead, as the rental price will be almost as much as a new axe!

  • Day: $10.00
  • Weekend: $17.00
  • Week: $32.00
  • Month: $60.00

Helmets: We rent Petzl Ecrin Roc helmets, they are of the non-compressed foam variety. Very adjustable and tough.

  • Day: $5.00
  • Weekend: $10.00
  • Week: $20.00
  • Month: $40.00

Mountaineering boots: The boots we rent are double plastic mountaineering boots, primarily Scarpa Invernos, but some Lowa Civettas in the bigger sizes as well. They are all crampon compatible.

  • Day: $15.00
  • Weekend: $25.00
  • Week: $50.00
  • Month: $90.00

Snowshoes: We have snowshoes from MSR and Atlas in our rental fleet. Most are more technically oriented, suitable for a Denali climb, some are for less demanding uses.

  • Day: $12.00
  • Weekend: $20.00
  • Week: $30.00
  • Month: $75.00

Skates: We rent both nordic and speed skates. The nordic skates are mounted with either NNN or SNS bindings and are used with your skate ski boots. Speed skates are available as either fixed blade or clap skate in most sizes.

  • Day $15.00
  • Weekend $30.00
  • Week $60.00

Mountaineering Skis: We have a number of mountaineering skis mounted with Silvretta 500 bindings available for rent. Your boot size will determine the ski and binding size (Silvrettas come in three lengths), so contact us with your boot length (in millimeters) in order to ensure proper sizing. Poles are included with the rental (if needed), but skins are not included. 


  • Day: $25.00
  • Weekend: $60.00
  • Week: $100.00
  • 2 Weeks: $175.00.00
  • 3-4 Weeks: $275.00
  • 3-4 Weeks W/Skins: $350.00

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